ISU takes digital education to the next level: a new partnership with the School of Disruption

New partnership announcement between International Space University and School of Disruption (Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation).

A disruptive way to talk about deep space. An interview with Adrian Fartade

In this interview the content creator and scientific popularizer Adrian Fartade talks about science, its popularization, the relationship between passion and work, and disruptive...

Moon landing 50 years later

Exploration of Earth's satellites is back in vogue. In the coming years, several space agencies will participate in missions to test new technologies that...

6 benefits for humanity deriving from space technologies

Danielle Wood leads the Space Enabled research group at the MIT Media Lab. Early in her career, a Summer break in Kenya revolutionized her...

3D printing of building: a revolution for everyone in a few years

In this interview about 3D Printing of Building, Alessandro Tassinari talks about challenges and opportunities of this new field of construction industry.

Five progress of artificial intelligence in space exploration.

Artificial intelligence has managed to solve problems faster and more efficiently than all traditional computer science. Progress has made it possible to achieve results...

SpinLaunch: an incredible suborbital accelerator.

NASA will introduce a suborbital accelerator that spins at a staggering 8,000 km / h. SpinLaunch is a suborbital accelerator whose operation is based on...

Building societies on Mars. An interview with the awarded Space Architect Alfredo Muñoz

In this interview Space Architecture Alfredo Munoz talks with School of Disruption of Neua City, ABIBOO Studio and his career.

The NASA new nuclear “bubble-through” rocket engine

BLENDER is the project for a nuclear thermal-propelled rocket engine that could significantly improve future spacecraft. Scientists at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH),...

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