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The future of work in Space. A webinar with the International Space University

The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, and its e-learning School of Disruption have recently become a partner of the International Space University, one of...

The disruptive potential of Computational Design. A webinar held by Onur Yüce Gün

The following webinar is held by Onur Yüce Gün, professor of Computational Design at School of Disruption. The webinar is moderated by Igor Ciminelli, board member of...

Computational Design: challenges and opportunities. An Interview with Onur Yüce Gün

We interviewed Onur Yüce Gün, teacher of the Computational Design course at School of Disruption. To present the course and discuss with people interested...

Asclepios: the association ready for the analog mission “Asclepios II”

The association Asclepios, School of Disruption partner, talks about Asclepios II, the analog mission that will start in July 2022.

ISU takes digital education to the next level: a new partnership with the School of Disruption

New partnership announcement between International Space University and School of Disruption (Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation).

A disruptive way to talk about deep space. An interview with Adrian Fartade

In this interview the content creator and scientific popularizer Adrian Fartade talks about science, its popularization, the relationship between passion and work, and disruptive...

Moon landing 50 years later

Exploration of Earth's satellites is back in vogue. In the coming years, several space agencies will participate in missions to test new technologies that...

3D printing of building: a revolution for everyone in a few years

In this interview about 3D Printing of Building, Alessandro Tassinari talks about challenges and opportunities of this new field of construction industry.

Virtual Reality for healthcare. Interview with Valentino Megale, founder of Softcare Studios

Softcare Studios wants to connect virtual reality to the world of healthcare. The company has developed TOMMI, a pioneering project in the field of...

Business ethics for managers. An interview with Prof. Robert Barlow

https://vimeo.com/706446006 In this interview, business ethics professor Robert Barlow, speaks on how to avoid psychological biases of algorithmic technologies, and how managers could invest in...

Building societies on Mars. An interview with the awarded Space Architect Alfredo Muñoz

In this interview Space Architecture Alfredo Munoz talks with School of Disruption of Neua City, ABIBOO Studio and his career.

Why 3D Printing is a Disruptive Technology? A webinar with two experts.

In this webinar, Alessandro Tassinari, instructor of the "3D Printing of Building" course on the "School of Disruption" talks about 3D Printing as disruptive innovation.

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