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Business ethics for managers. An interview with Prof. Robert Barlow

https://vimeo.com/706446006 In this interview, business ethics professor Robert Barlow, speaks on how to avoid psychological biases of algorithmic technologies, and how managers could invest in...

Building societies on Mars. An interview with the awarded Space Architect Alfredo Muñoz

In this interview Space Architecture Alfredo Munoz talks with School of Disruption of Neua City, ABIBOO Studio and his career.

Why 3D Printing is a Disruptive Technology? A webinar with two experts.

In this webinar, Alessandro Tassinari, instructor of the "3D Printing of Building" course on the "School of Disruption" talks about 3D Printing as disruptive innovation.

Life in Space. A webinar with microbiologist Armando Azua-Bustos

In this webinar environmental microbiologist Armando Azua-Bustos, instructor of the "Space Biotechnology" course on the School of Disruption, talks about opportunities and challenges of...

Space Architecture: a journey. Webinar with Dr. Barbara Imhof and Dr. Virginia Wotring

In this webinar held at ISU Space Architecture Dr. Barbara Imhof talks about opportunities and challenges of building society on other planets.

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