That’s why DAOs services will disrupt the world

The acronym DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs are organizations governed by computer programs and code, which provide an operating system for open collaboration. As such, it has the ability to function autonomously, without the need for a central authority. Through the use of smart contracts, a DAO can work with external information and execute commands based on it, without any human intervention. A DAO’s rules and transaction logs are transparently stored on the blockchain. And that’s why DAOs services will be greater.

Naturally social

It would not be entirely incorrect to assume that the DAO System is inspired by the basic organization of social networks from which it inherits its social nature. But the surprising thing is that it will subvert how it works. In fact, DAOs are indeed a group of people gathered in the name of a purpose, through their own rules and technologies. They are not based on advertising, but on the blockchain monetization system managed in general transparency. This will allow the most varied uses. And it’s actually already doing it.

Multi-tasking services

DAOs services for social and work means all those declinations of the same for purposes not only financial, but also philanthropic. DAOs by their nature are ideal in terms of work organization becoming almost model trade unions. They can really allow so many talents from all over the world to work independently by receiving interest in the property. But it is possible to go even a little further, establishing real complex social realities.

As decentralized autonomous organizations, reorganized around a token and a motivated group of people, they are ideal for generating capital for every purpose, up to large purchases of a valuable historical document, till to an entire football club! A form of crypto crowdfunding, without red tape or expensive legal costs. What inspires these forms of social aggregation is therefore represented by the token, an objective that must be achieved together with events, insights, direct and effective participation capable of truly generating value.

Although the first forms of DAO in social and crowdfunding are in their infancy, the general enthusiasm bodes well for the future.

It is funny! It’s Dao!

DAOs services also lend themselves well to media, in creating new interactive ways for consumers of media content. Always moving away from the old methods of advertising profit, the new DAO media start with financing from producers and users with a percentage of co-ownership. Alternative and creative forms of incentives for use are also involved. It’s possible to contribute, for example, in communication, with graphics, insights, and many other marketing services. What will this cause? Certainly, an increase in interest, untied from economic income. Furthermore, such a system is able to bring together thinking brains from all over the world to create ever new forms of projects.

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