“Digital first”. A unique model for contemporary business.

In the post-covid era, “Digital First” it needs to become the motto around which to build the business idea. The pandemic was the harbinger of a conversion of organizations to digital and virtual. Everything is faster and more agile and it is good that it remains so and continues to implement on this path.

Precisely the pandemic era led to the realization in a few days of what had been planned for years. A wave of innovations that it is important not to stop.

It’s not just a question of how quickly changes happen. First of all, it deals with investments in technologies and people that can therefore lead to faster processes.

Work smarter

Companies are taking steps to alternate office work with work from home. “Digital first”, also in a new way of working. The general trend of maintaining the highest productivity by staying directly at home (whan it’s possible) has been taken into consideration for complete smart working in many cases. This combined with elements of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics created an autonomous assembly line. This is the case for example of RXR Realty a real estate and commercial developer based in New York City that now has a lot of data scientists and engineers across the organization working on digital. The big company had already made big changes even before the covid. Clearly this made it easier to get back to work, avoiding further infections.

Ecommerce tailored to the customer

In the midst of the pandemic, the ecommerce channels had to be implemented in “Digital first” version, to overcome the reality that was no longer accessible. Also in this case, those who have adopted the latest generation methods already before the covid era have had an advantage. Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics have enabled a massive shift to online shopping. It was the case, for example, of Levi’s which, by investing in artificial intelligence, was thus able to better understand customers with dedicated promotions. Thus not only the brand remained on the market, but managed to multiply its sales.

People love digital banking

The era of endless bank queues is over. Or almost. Digital banking is taking hold more and more. It was customer dissatisfaction that encouraged the launch of fintechs. Controlling financial situation from smartphone is increasingly in demand and those who started before the covid, right now don’t have to run too much for cover.

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