The future of work in Space. A webinar with the International Space University

The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, and its e-learning School of Disruption have recently become a partner of the International Space University, one of the most important institutions in Space, dedicated to discovering, researching, developing and teaching subjects related to the Space sector. SIDI will complement its educational experience by developing ad hoc courses for future Space practitioners.

This webinar talks about the work possibilities opened up by Space from a business perspective.

Who are the lecturers of the Space Workers webinar?

Igor Ciminelli is Board Member and Head of Marketing at the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation, Igor is a renowned expert with an international background in innovation design and management. Formerly social media and marketing advisor of the European Commission for the EU4tech Technology Transfer Programm. Currently working as advisor and mentor for many companies in the technology industry. He is the lecturer of the instructor of the Disruptive Innovation Strategy course at School of Disruption.

Nicolas Peter is Professor of practice in Space Policy and International Affairs at the International Space University (ISU) seconded by the European Space Agency (ESA). He has been the first Head of International Affairs at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the national research institute for aeronautics and space and acts on behalf of the German government as the German space agency.

Virginia Wotring is the Science and Technology Integration Manager (STIM) within NSBRI Headquarters. Her responsibilities include the management of NSBRI’s diverse science and technology portfolio and coordination with NASA’s Human Research Program. Dr. Wotring is also an Assistant Professor within the Center for Space Medicine as well as the Department of Pharmacology at Baylor College of Medicine where she conducts research on the use and actions of medication in the unusual environment of spaceflight. At the International Space Universe she is professor of Human Performance in Space,

During the webinar, it was announced the Space Hyper Pack, which will include: Space Architecture & Design, Human Performances in Space, Space Biotechnology, Space Law, and Space Entrepreneurship.

space architecture

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