Green Jobs, the future of work is sustainable.

The term “Green Jobs” was coined by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), the United Nations Agency for Environmental Protection. It includes all professionals in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, research and development, administration and services who contribute to preserving environmental quality. At the dawn of the European Green Deal, the following professions, a small part of the group of eco-sustainable jobs, are destined to become new professional opportunities.

Environmental IT

As regards the digital sector, this figure deals with the optimization of energy consumption through optimized management of activities. Often it also deals with the choice of household devices to make the environment more eco-friendly.

Energy engineer

This is a figure belonging to the renewable sources sector and energy efficiency in the civil, agricultural, transport and industrial sectors.

Energy Manager

Is a role of responsibility, which is concerned with preserving a conscious and optimized use of energy resources in the business field. Its role is to make the economy more respectful of the environment, reducing energy waste and reducing business expenses in the same sector.

Green lawyer

Or eco lawyer, is an expert in the field of law able to identify that legal matter relating to the theme of environmental protection. Eco lawyer is a legal figure with scientific knowledge necessary for the fields in which it will operate, such as agri-food, waste and pollution.

Environmental Designer

If the engineer mainly deals with large projects and the architect of domestic interiors, the figure of the designer is more closely connected to the objects and packaging sector. It is not difficult to glimpse the “eco” version of the application of this profession, which will then study the safety and eco-sustainability of everyday objects and materials.

The review within the circular economy among the green jobs of the future on which young people can focus attention also includes:

– The person in charge of the recycling of fabrics in the fashion and eco-fashion sector

– Installer of the most efficient electrical networks

– Installer of wind power plants

– Environmental journalist

– The environmental educator for children

– The agricultural programmer of the short chain

– Installer of heating and cooling systems with low environmental impact

– Eco chef, specialized in organic and eco-compatible food.

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