Together for the future of the space economy

The International Space University and SIDI together in a series of workshops about the future of space economy and architecture between Strasbourg and Ticino.

International Space University (ISU), is a prestigious institution dedicated to the discovery and research of space and its applications for peaceful purposes. School of Disruption of SIDI (Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation), is a Ticino institute that deals with research and development of disruptive innovations and technologies. Together have given rise to an important long-term partnership that will lead to training the players of the future in the space sector.

The first important event will be a workshop in Space Architecture, one of the most innovative fields in terms of design in the space research and practice market.

The International Space University

Founded in 1987, the executive members of the ISU are international organizations, industries, space agencies, academic institutions and individual members. The global headquarters and International Space University Central Campus are located in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, near Strasbourg, France.

ISU is founded on the study and exploration of space for the benefit of all humanity. Its mission is to train future leaders of the space community by providing educational and multidisciplinary education and research programs in an intercultural environment. These programs cover all disciplines related to space research and business, imparting critical skills essential for future space initiatives in the public and private sectors. The ISU is also a neutral international forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas on space issues.

SIDI and the School of Disruption

The mission of SIDI (Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation) is to identify innovations, technologies and agents with the potential to disrupt, destroy or create new markets that have a profound impact on society. Through their School of Disruption they provide students with the skills to seize innovations and opportunities through hyper-specialized online courses.

One of the goals of the School is the sharing of this fundamental know-how and the democratization of access to this type of innovation. The success of the courses is evidenced by the fact that just 8 months after its birth, the School of Disruption already boasts over 1,300 students from 32 different countries.

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The workshop about space economy and architecture

For all these reasons, the School of Disruption and the International Space University have joined forces for a long-term partnership. The first product of this collaboration is a workshop in Space Architecture to be held from 25 April to 4 May at the ISU headquarters in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France.

The workshop was born in response to the success of the School of Disruption in Space Architecture & Design course.

Given the growing demand, the ISU and the School of Disruption have decided to create a highly practical workshop. Held by a parterre of 10 world-renowned teachers in the field of Space Industries, the course will give the opportunity to 20 students from all over the world to work in small groups.

The goal will be to design a specific space mission scenario and to be able to confront the challenges of space colonization. Participants will be guided in their path by various experts who, at the end of the workshop, will evaluate the best project work, assigning them a prize.

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Participation in the course also includes the acquisition of 3 training credits (ECTS).

The interdisciplinary workshop will include several research fields considered fundamental for supporting human life in space and on other planets. For example, topics relating to the design of outposts in orbit, interplanetary means of transport, future settlement structures and human mobility on other planets, and much more will be discussed. The design work will be focused on specific objectives. In terms of professional training, therefore, the workshop represents a tool with a truly enormous potential for those who intend to operate concretely in the space economy.

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