Five reasons why you should study Quantum Computing

We have achieved quantum supremacy. It’s something that most of us have read in recent months.

The topic of quantum computing is becoming more and more popular, and many people now know more or less what is a quantum computer, that is a machine that can calculate algorithms through the principles of quantum mechanics (the science that explains the behaviour of particles and fields at the atomic and subatomic level).

In this article, we don’t want to explain how it works (the topic is already covered a lot on the web), nor get into the specifics of how it will revolutionize certain industries. Instead, we will focus on the concrete opportunities related to the rise of this potentially disruptive technology and explain how these opportunities are within everyone’s reach.

So, let’s take a look at 5 good reasons why you should study quantum computing.

1) Global market

When talking about opportunities, we must mandatorily start with the business. The global Quantum Computing market size is projected to be worth USD 487.4 million in 2021 and will reach USD 3728.4 million by 2030.

Contrary to popular belief, this technology will not be exclusive to big-tech companies but will soon arrive in the homes of all of us. For example, Chinese company Shenzhen SpinQ Technology plans to sell a $5,000 desktop quantum computer to consumers for schools and colleges.

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2) Job Opportunities

When the quantum computer becomes a tool available to everyone, people who know how to use it will be needed. Demands for programmers, computer scientists, and consultants from companies and public administrations will boom shortly. Not only will people who can program be indispensable, but also managers who have the skills to deal with and manage stakeholders, staff, and suppliers. 

Being among the first to be qualified to meet this demand opens the door to new professional opportunities and very high salaries.

3) Intersourcing

We said we wouldn’t get into the specifics of the impact of quantum computing in different industries, and we won’t. However, we can’t avoid saying that this technology will have cross-industry applications. Communications, transportation, energy, manufacturing, finance, and pharmaceuticals are just a few examples of markets that will benefit from quantum computing. That means that job and business opportunities for those who understand quantum computing will multiply exponentially in the short term.

 Being among the first to be qualified to meet this demand opens the door to new professional opportunities and very high salaries.

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4) Investments

Those who invest in innovation and technology, you know, are betting on the future. And the future is uncertain. But some possible futures are less uncertain than others. That quantum computing will have a revolutionary impact on the world as we know it is a certainty. Investing in this technology today means potential returns on investment of almost incalculable size.

And I’m not just talking about the absolute value that quantum computing will progressively acquire, but also about the growing hype around this topic that will soon trigger the investment rush, just as it happened in the past for fibre optics, space, and blockchain.  Believe it or not, the financial effects of the technological trends we have seen in the past are nothing compared to what we will witness with quantum computing.

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5) The revolution

The last reason why you should study quantum computing is purely logical. The dawn of a revolution is a paradigm shift that will change the game’s rules forever. Endless doors will open, new processes and standards will be invented, and new possibilities will be discovered. And yes, you are in front of a watershed.  What you need to do is decide whether to go in the best direction. And given the premise and the course of events to date, I would say the choice is self-evident.

In conclusion, I think it’s important to emphasize again that quantum computing is not something far away or inaccessible; rather it’s within everyone’s reach.

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