An electric car that does not need to be recharged

The futuristic car of the Aptera company is recharged with solar energy and has Never Charge technology.

How does it work?

Aptera’s technology integrates solar panels on the roof, approximately 3 square meters, 180 cells and 700 watts, which provide the car with up to 72 km (45 miles) of range per day. This technology has been defined as Never Charge because, taking into account that people use the car on average for 60 kilometers a day, the storage capacity of the photovoltaic panels is more than enough to use the car without ever connecting it to an electrical outlet or to a small column.

The car is also equipped with batteries which, while in the normal version provide 400 kilometers of autonomy with a single charge, in the Plus version they allow it to reach 1600 km of autonomy, far exceeding the 595 km of the Tesla Model S. “With the Aptera’s Never Charge technology, the power of the sun is your guide. Our integrated solar panel keeps the battery charged and wherever you want to go, you just go, “said company co-founder Chris Anthony.

Another peculiar aspect is its modularity, in the sense that interested parties can order it online and, starting from the basic model, choose the various integrations. Specifically, you can opt for two types of engines, from 135 horsepower with front-wheel drive and 203 horsepower with all-wheel drive, and four battery packs, of 25 kWh, 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 100 kWh, capable of guaranteeing 402 km respectively, 643 km, 965 km and 1600 km of autonomy. It starts from a cost of 25,900 dollars (21 thousand euros) to reach 48,300 dollars (40 thousand euros). The maximum speed also exceeds 170 km / h.

Looking forward

If all this is sounding somewhat natural, that is because Aptera drifted to a similar electric vehicle 10 years ago. 10 years is a very long time for this industry, so the name Aptera might be new to many. The organization later closed in 2011 after failing to arrange financial backup for the three-wheeler, yet is expecting to recover with this re-formed version.

Aptera can be pre-ordered online by paying a deposit of just $ 100. In a few days, the car has already received seven thousand bookings and about 100 million dollars have been raised. Deliveries are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021 or the first of 2022.

The startup Aptera Motors, a car company from Sorrento Valley, near San Diego, California, is ready to launch Paradigm, an electric car that looks like a real science fiction vehicle due to its futuristic appearance. The most incredible thing is that thanks to the “Never Charge” technology and the solar panels positioned on the body, the electric vehicle is able to recharge itself autonomously and reach 1600 km of autonomy.

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Paradigm doesn’t look like a vehicle like everyone else at all. It is in fact a three-wheeled car, two in front and one behind, inside which two people can travel. The ultralight body is made of carbon fiber, kevlar and hemp. The aerodynamic line, which makes it look like a spaceship, has been studied in detail to reduce aerodynamic drag. Not surprisingly, the declared aerodynamic drag coefficient cx is just 0.13, a very low value, which allows it to minimize energy consumption.

Long tours are a breeze with Aptera’s 1,000+ mile range and progressed Safety Pilot. Aptera drives itself to your area with Level 2 independence capacity, which incorporates facial following, path keep, versatile voyage, and crisis slowing down.

Aptera highlights few features of traveler security beyond just about any other vehicle out and about today—with a progressed airbag technology and energy-absorbing composite material.

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