Neuro Controller Impulse will suceed in the Gaming Industry

The developing gaming industry

In the past few decades, the gaming industry has risen exponentially. The creation of new games and consoles requires constant innovation, but like most industries, a few large companies dominate the market. The industry is constantly innovating, working with new technologies to enhance the gamer experience. With the quick turnaround between new products by companies dominating the market, it is often more difficult for smaller companies to find widespread success. Yet, a few smaller companies each year create a breakthrough product that edges its way into the marketplace. Brink Bionics Impulse Neuro-Controller may be that product.

What is the impulse neuro-controller?

The Impulse Neuro-Controller is a fingerless glove with sensors for gamers. The Canadian startup developed this device with a promise to boost proficiency by cutting the time between the intent to act and the execution of that action. The sensors use cutting edge technology to detect the first neural impulse that goes into the fingers. In digital games accuracy is everything, and critical time not measured in seconds, but thousandths of seconds. On average, it takes 150 milliseconds after a person thinks about moving their finger to do that action, but this device cuts that time down to 80 milliseconds. In an industry that is constantly evolving, a product that increases gamer efficiency is very appealing to avid gamers. Currently, the Impulse Neuro-Controller can be used on any model mouse and is compatible with PC devices.

Predicted success

Impulse Neuro-Controller is a product that can challenge established products from larger companies. I have identified three main reasons as to why I think this product may become very popular among gamers:

1. Accessibility

Distribution of the devices is set for April, and retail prices are expected to be $169 with an Indiegogo campaign offering units to early adopters for $140. Both of these price points are within the range for high tech gaming mice, and with the promised increased efficiency, this is a great price for most avid gamers. Additionally, the product itself is easy to set up, having users begin using the glove with their mouse but eventually moving to use their fingers without the mouse underneath. The easy accessibility of this device in terms of price point and user-friendliness lend to a positive response from consumers.

2. Business Model

Promotion for the product has been a success, garnering a lot of support from crowdfunding on the platforms Indiegogo and Kickstarter. The promotional video was so popular that the target goal was met within 12 hours. Funding has far exceeded their initial goals. On Kickstarter, over $55,000 has been raised with an initial goal of $15,000, and on Indiegogo almost $48,000 has been raised. The promotional content has garnered a lot of traction from potential customers and the anticipation for release will only go up now.

3. Value network

Brink Bionics was founded by three researchers who all have years of experience working with prosthetic devices and connections to many other people in their field. Their knowledge base and connections will benefit the success of the product. Additionally, gaming YouTubers have created promotional content for the device, increasing viewership, and benefiting the company. All we can do now is wait and observe to see the success of this product. Disruptive innovation takes time, rising slowly until the product reaches a tipping point.

The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation strongly believes that the Impulse Neuro-Controller has shown an extreme potential to become a leading technology in the gaming industry, but for now, we will have to wait and see.

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