ECSEC has landed on Earth

Facing the Corona Virus outbreak, the space competition might have been affected but it did not stop mobilizing contingency plans to strengthen its future plans. The government and big companies see the space for future civilization for humanity. And for the record, the planet Mars is perceived to be the next harbour for humankind.

The future of Space Economy

The launching of the Dragon Spacecraft has brought wide attention to researchers and audiences who anticipate new explorations. It was dated on May 30, 2020, on a Saturday, the spacecraft carried astronauts to converge at the International Space Station. Giants like Amazon and Virgin Galactic have envisioned an embrace of new space technology and had grown to more futuristic aerospace and unravelling satellites. For years that even the filming industry had included space analytics on movies, which can become viable anytime from this day.

Space Economy: a future market industry

Potential companies and the government had a limited approach and understanding of the space economy for many years. But, now with the advent of innovative technology, several companies are making investments and taking an interest in a possible future space economy. This is opening up a completely new market opportunity for all.

The ECSEC takes humanity to Space

The birth of the European Centre for Space Exploration and Colonization or ECSEC was possible through the partnership of Mars Planet and the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation with an aim to regularize access and standardization for space ecosystem exploration. This non-profit organization’s goal is to provide everyone with access to the aerospace ecosystem and become a trusted focal point for the Space Industry. It is based in Ticino and Bergamo and is working to create a network for the aerospace sector. The centre will be the radial point for technical solutions and imperative ideas to give birth to new inventions and innovations to help businesses in their existing strategies.

ECSEC’s mission and support have gathered impressions from different space agencies around the world to interconnect the aerospace operations like:

· Development of Industrial Technology

· Nomination of new inventions for a higher technology

· Compliance to cooperate with partners and Space sectors

· Opportunities for business expansions

· Enlist and help international figures and professionals

ECSEC is based on assumptions that the space economy has multiple opportunities for today’s companies. All of them will have to be adept in creating the perfect living conditions for humans, even in space. Which includes the creation and supply of everyday products.

The online inauguration of the centre 2020

Through a webinar, as part of compliance on the “new normal”, the Centre had outlined its activities and plans amidst the Corona Virus devastation. The organization performed well with an outstanding introduction on colonization and exploration for more feasible opportunities from the space economy.

There were also updates on the current conditions of the international moon and red planet colonisation projects. The president of the Mars Society and Pioneer Astronautics, Robert Zubrin, was one of the guests at this event. He has authored the best-selling book, The Case for Mars. Tommaso Ghidini, the Head of the Structures, Mechanisms, and Materials Section of the European Space Agency or ESA was also present in the webinar.

It’s ECSEC’S time to seize this space juncture

Many companies and organizations were not ready to innovate when disruption happened in the past. We only consider what is already been seen. ECSEC’s aim is to open up the space race for all those who can take the leap of faith.

Space colonisation can only happen with a collaborative effort. As ECSEC opens the outer space adventure, it will be interesting to witness people who will answer and participate in this new human race. If you want to figure out the future scenarios that the impact of disruptive technologies will open in the next years, join the Innovation Safari, a School of Disruption’s course.

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