TIME, HOPES, FEAR: The Disruption of the customer experience in 2020

The easy years of the customer experience are far behind us. We have seen extraordinary changes in the level of services over the past two decades. However, experts expect even bigger challenges in the coming ten years.

It has become imperative for business owners to develop a communication strategy on LinkedIn. To use AI applications to offer personalized and real-time services. To innovate their services on a consistent basis. A USP (unique sell proposition) is not enough to keep a company alive anymore. In this article, we will talk about how customer expectations are evolving as the clock ticks on, along with three strategies to stay relevant in the market.

Let’s start this off with the top three types of increasing expectations.


In the last few years, time has become a precious resource (we all want to have more time to spend with our family, to go out with friends or enjoy a walk) and customers expect products or services to help them save their precious time.


Our customers have different dreams and ambitions—saving money to buy a house, traveling, paying off debts, or being successful. They expect products or services to help them achieve these goals.


Global warming, the Coronavirus pandemic, the new Cold War between the United States and China, the unstable situation in the Middle East, immigration, Brexit—these and many other socio-economic conflicts generate fear. Customers expect the products or services offered to contribute in some way to solve these problems. They want the brand to be a part of something bigger. To contribute to a good cause.

In the coming years, customers will expect companies to help them become who they want to be, to live in a better society, and to save the planet they love. Now, let’s move on to three strategies that can help you address these challenges and to stay relevant in these competitive times.

Automatic transaction

Time is what modern customers appreciate more, and the Tech Giants know it better than anyone else. Amazon, for example, donated its customers time with the “one-click order” button and Amazon Go automated stores. Automation can help you save their time—and they will thank you for it!

Become a real partner in the life of your customers

In the coming years, it will be crucial to understand the customer in the entirety of his person, including the emotional and ethical aspects, and his dreams. For a company, making plans to help its customers fulfilling their dreams/overcoming their challenges is the great business opportunity of the coming twenty years. Data should serve this purpose—to know the context in which our customers live. The better we know this context, the more we will be able to understand their point of view.

Save the Planet

Many companies have already started projects to make the world a better place. It is encouraging to see how investments in sustainability and social projects have increased significantly in recent years. Companies that are able to convince consumers to join a movement to save the world, will add value to their relationships with customers. It’s time to start thinking about how to create a movement and how to inspire people to follow it.

Companies that can combine these 3 strategies in a balanced way can create an incredible offer of products/services.

At the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation we are convinced that this combination, this transactional perfection will become the standard of the customer experience of the coming twenty years.

Just start with saving their time, and slowly, become an invested partner in their lives!

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