Vision 2021: Making Enterprise Contactless

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. While entrepreneurs and leaders have experimented with technology and tried to come up with innovations that make the world a better place, a lot has not been in their favor. For most, the transition from a physical business to a digital workspace has been a tough challenge. A lot of effort has been given to build contactless enterprises that will enable a business to move forward instead of simply coming up with the latest and faster gadgets. In the post COVID era, businesses that establish a direct connection with the customer and affect their lives have gone through some monumental changes.

The new digital economy

The biggest and perhaps the scariest takeaway has been the marriage of digital and physical. Brick-and-mortar companies, that did not even consider building a digital presence were suddenly overwhelmed. Their only objective at hand was to overcome the digital-first to become digital-pervasive. It is no child’s play to control various digital channels and technologies, compete with the speed offered by the competitions, and at the same time, focus while simultaneously enhancing customer interactions. The other task was to make the physical safer which was an entirely new concept to deal with as basic hygiene was the only concern erstwhile.

What are contactless enterprises?

To go by a simple definition provided by an executive in residence at Inmar Intelligence, Spencer Baird, a contactless enterprise means “a tremendous amount of clarity in two categories: consumer need and consumer mindset.”

What that entails is a seamless connection between the product or the service offered by the business with the needs of a customer. This unique value proposition has to be achieved faster to establish the brand as a leading name in the global economy. All this also requires minimizing any amount of excess time spent and the funds used.

Leading the way

In the last year, every single company on the face of the earth has undergone what can only be explained as a great shift. The idea of serving customers through contactless engagements might be daunting, but if done right, can benefit both parties.

Telemedicine is a case in point. According to researchers of the Swiss Institute for disruptive innovation there is a possibility of a whopping seven-fold growth in telehealth by 2025 since the ongoing pandemic has reshaped care delivery. New approaches have managed to make digital interactions as secure and frictionless as in the pre-COVID physical world.

Seeking help from healthcare professionals via digital platforms has spiked due to COVID-19. Never before have patients been able to establish seamless communication without braving traffic and a tonne of other complications. Sure these are mostly non-urgent appointments but now it can be done from the comfort of your home. In fact, there are places that send weekly reminders via text message for a face-to-face video conversation with the health expert at a convenient time. Virtual care is heavily cost-cutting, saves time and energy too. This might be the tech revolution that the healthcare system across the globe needed but never gave much thought to earlier.

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